The Basics

On DB101, there are 4 articles offering specific tips for parents about important areas of transition as your child grows into an adult.

This article, Tips for Parents: Benefits, explains changes that may happen to your child’s benefits. Your child’s access to health insurance, either through your work or through a public program, may change. Your child’s eligibility for cash benefits may also be affected. This article will discuss the benefits that your child may already have, or be eligible for, as well as some of the changes you can expect after your child turns 18.

Important Note on Health Care Reform

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has made big changes to our health care system. These changes have expanded health coverage to more people and created new consumer rights. If you don't have coverage, there may be affordable options for you.

DB101 is being updated to reflect changes that have taken place. Some of what you read here about health coverage may not be accurate anymore, or may be changing soon.

If you have questions about your health coverage, you can: