Major Companies and Government Launch Initiative for Disability Employment

June 19, 2012

Executives from more than a dozen major companies met with high-level elected officials from Congress and state governments to discuss disability employment and plan an ongoing project to increase employment of people with disabilities in the private sector. The meeting was hosted by Walgreens at its Windsor, Connecticut distribution facility, where about 50% of the employees have a disability.

Walgreens President and CEO Greg Wasson remarked, “Walgreens was pleased to host this summit at our Connecticut facility to show everyone what we’ve learned – that employing people with disabilities is good for all employees, good for morale, retention and company spirit, good for productivity and ultimately, good for business.”

At the meeting, the companies decided to emphasize the employment of people with disabilities, including:

  • Identifying and removing barriers to employment of people with disabilities at their companies
  • Sharing experiences and best practices
  • Raising visibility of the issue and its importance
  • Getting other companies to participate in the effort

The companies will meet again several times this year and will also establish a website sharing information, ideas, and best practices.

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