Social Security’s Ticket to Work Partnership Plus: A Real California Win-Win Story

September 24, 2012

Amy could use her Ticket to Work from Social Security anytime. She chose first to work with the California Department of Rehabilitation back in May 2007 when she firmed up her career plan.

The collaboration worked out as Amy received successful training with CA State University’s Rehabilitation Counseling Master’s Program in Fresno. In no time this lead to a perfect job match for her career as a Vocational Rehabilitation Case Manager starting in July of 2010, with a salary she was delighted with and got her into a better apartment.

After settling in with her new position, she did use her Ticket to Work from Social Security, which gave her access to employment supports that allowed her to better focus on her new job.

Tulare County’s “Ticket to Success” Employment Network gave Amy ongoing benefits planning assistance. “They even took care of all my wage reporting tasks to Social Security, a really big help to me in my early months at the new job.”

Amy has been working full time and self-sufficient since with this career move, and supported by her continuous access to both public and private health insurance.

More Social Security disability beneficiaries are making successful career decisions now that they have more choice with who can support their training and career choices. DB101 has the details on both the CA Department of Rehabilitation services and what you can expect with the Ticket to Work Program from Social Security. “It’s all right here!

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