New Medicare Premium Amounts for 2013

December 18, 2012

Each year, Medicare adjusts some of the expenses that Medicare beneficiaries pay. These expenses can include premiums, deductibles, and late enrollment penalties. Here are a few notable changes in expenses for the different parts of Medicare.

Part A:

  • If you pay a monthly premium, you paid up to $451 each month in 2012. In 2013, you'll pay up to $441 each month. Higher-income consumers may pay more.
  • The deductible for people with up to 60 days of Medicare-covered inpatient services in hospitals for each benefit period will increase from $1,156 in 2012 to $1,184 in 2013.

Part B:

  • Most people paid a $99.90 premium each month in 2012. That will go up to $104.90 in 2013.
  • The deductible will go up from $140 in 2012 to $147 in 2013.

Parts C and D:

  • How the premiums change depend on your plan.

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