2017 Medicare Costs

November 29, 2016

Each year, Medicare adjusts some of the expenses that Medicare beneficiaries pay. These expenses can include premiums, deductibles, and late enrollment penalties. Here are a few notable changes in expenses for the different parts of Original Medicare.

Part A:

  • Most people pay no monthly premium, but if you have to pay one, it will be up to $413 per month.
  • The deductible for people with up to 60 days of Medicare-covered inpatient services in hospitals for each benefit period will go up to $1,316.

Part B:

  • Most people who paid a $104.90 premium each month in 2016 will pay $109 per month in 2017.
  • Some people will have to pay a $134 monthly premium in 2017, including people who enroll for the first time and people who don’t get Social Security benefits.
  • The deductible will go up to $183.

Part D and Medicare Advantage:

  • The premiums depend on your plan.

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