Prescription Drug Coverage

Private Health Coverage

Most Private Health Coverage plans have some sort of prescription drug coverage. You or your employer pay a monthly premium to be enrolled in a plan. When you get medical services, the plan will help you pay for the costs of those services that it has agreed to cover. Depending on the specifics of your plan, prescription drugs may be one of those services. You may have to pay a certain amount of money before your plan will help you pay. This is known as a deductible. After you’ve paid your deductible, you may have to pay each time you buy drugs. You may pay a small fee, called a copayment, for every prescription you buy. Other plans may require that you pay a certain percentage, called co-insurance, of the cost of each drug. Every plan will be different. Some may not cover prescription drugs at all. Check the specifics of your plan to see what is covered under which circumstances. DB101’s Private Health Coverage section has more information on enrollment, rules, and other general information on Private Health Coverage.

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