Finding a Job

Finding a Job

Finding a job is hard. However, it is possible if you are patient and work hard at it. Here we will discuss some of the ways that you can look for a job.

Talk to People

The most common way to find a job is by talking to people. Talk to your friends, family, professors, and other people you know. Let them know that you are looking for work and what type of job you want. Ask them to let you know if they hear about an opportunity.

If you know somebody who has a good job, see if that person knows about job openings at his or her workplace. If you like a company or organization and want to work there, contact them! Even if they don’t have any job openings, you may be able to arrange an informational interview to learn more about the type of work they do and the best way to find a job in that field.

Job Listings

In addition to talking to people, numerous websites can also help you find work. One way to look for work online is to simply search for “job listings” on an Internet search engine. Your search results will include links to many of the websites that specialize in jobs in your area.

A particularly good website for finding jobs in California is CalJobs. It lists many jobs and also lets you post your resume online where employers can find it.

Job Programs

It can be difficult looking for and finding a job if you think you have to do it all on your own. Fortunately, you can get help from some excellent organizations:

Ticket to Work Program

If you are over the age of 18 and get disability benefits from Social Security, the Ticket to Work Program can help you learn about job options and maybe give working a try. It helps you find a job and see if you like it without losing your health coverage benefits. If your disability gets worse and you need to stop working, you can easily get back on cash benefits.

Ticket to Work can help you:

  • Figure out what sort of job you would be successful at
  • Get training
  • Find work
  • Get job coaching
  • Get continuing support once you get a job to help you be successful

To participate, you need to contact an agency that offers Ticket to Work services. A couple of examples are the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) and America's Job Centers of California (AJCCs). To learn more, see DB101’s article about the Ticket to Work Program.

Customized Employment

Traditionally, people who want to work need to look for jobs that they are qualified for, apply for them in competition with others, and then perform the tasks that they are assigned. Customized employment approaches finding work from a different perspective. In customized employment, an organization or a person, like a vocational rehabilitation counselor, helps create a connection between you and a potential employer or employers. The counselor then helps you and the employer figure out what sort of work you could best do at the place of employment. Talk to your vocational rehabilitation counselor to learn more.

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