Not considering the 48-month time limit

It is important to consider the 48-month limit on cash benefits in CalWORKs. These aren't necessarily consecutive months, but any month you receive a cash payment from CalWORKs counts, even if you are only receiving a minimal benefit. This limit does not apply to children.

Enrolling in CalWORKs just to access Medi-Cal or Food Stamps for your family

You or your family may be eligible for Medi-Cal or CalFresh (formerly Food Stamps) through other programs. When you use CalWORKs just to get these other benefits, those months will count against the time limit.

Confusing the cash aid benefits and Welfare-to-Work benefits

CalWORKs is a large program that provides both cash aid and employment services. All CalWORKs cash aid recipients must participate in the Welfare-to-Work Program to receive cash aid, unless exempt. If you aren’t able to get the CalWORKs cash benefit, you may still be able to get employment support through Welfare-to-Work.