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Medi-Cal WDP Eligibility for Young People

Medi-Cal’s Working Disabled Program (WDP) supplies health coverage to people with disabilities who get jobs. If you get a job and are making too much money to get regular Medi-Cal coverage, you might be able to keep your Medi-Cal through the WDP program.

To qualify for the WDP program, you must:

The WDP program is a great option if you like your current Medi-Cal coverage and get a job. You don’t have to be afraid you will lose your health coverage!

How to Apply for the WDP Program

There are different ways to apply for Medi-Cal's Working Disabled Program:

When you submit your application, you should specify that you are applying for the WDP program. If you need help completing an application, talk to a benefits planner.

No matter how you apply, it is important to know that if you are not eligible for Medi-Cal's Working Disabled Program, you may be able to get private insurance subsidized by the government through tax credits.

For more information, read DB101’s Medi-Cal article.

No more Medi-Cal/MSP resource limits

On January 1, 2024, Medi-Cal resource limits were completely removed. This applies to Medi-Cal through A&D FPL, the Working Disabled Program (WDP), and ABD–MN, as well as Medicare Savings Programs (MSPs). If you've been denied Medi-Cal or an MSP because you had too much in resources, try applying again.

Note: This doesn't change SSI-linked Medi-Cal or Medi-Cal through SSI 1619(b), as they still have SSI's $2,000 resource limit. And it doesn't change income-based Medi-Cal, which never had a resource limit.

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