Your Child Will Stay Connected to SSI

The more your child works, the more money your child can make. If he or she makes enough, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits may stop, but overall your child will be much better off!

SSI Has a Safety Net for People who Lose Benefits and Need Them Later

Even if your child makes a lot more money than he or she ever got from SSI, you will probably worry about what would happen if the job ended due to a disability. Would your child be able to get back on SSI if needed?


SSI’s 1619(b) rule helps people who stop getting SSI benefits start getting them again. If a job ends or earnings go down, your child can just report the change to Social Security and SSI benefits will start up again. He or she will not even have to reapply unless more than five years have passed since SSI benefits stopped.

Note: 1619(b) is only for people earning less than $37,706 in a year ($39,062 if blind). If your child earns more than that, 1619(b) will not apply.

The bottom line

If your child stops getting SSI benefits due to work income and then that income goes down, he or she can get back on SSI.

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