Application Process

You can apply for CAPI at your county social services agency. Because CAPI involves immigration status, living arrangements, and income and resource information about both you and your sponsor, you’ll have to fill out a number of forms. You will also have to prove that you have been denied SSI based solely on your immigration status. If you can’t, you’ll have to apply for an SSI benefit while your application is being processed.

Because CAPI and Medi-Cal share some eligibility requirements, you’ll fill out a Medi-Cal application when you apply for CAPI. While it’s possible to qualify for both programs at once, they have different eligibility requirements, and you don’t necessarily qualify for both if you qualify for one. The CAPI program will also require that you apply for any other benefits you may qualify for, such as State Disability Insurance, Veterans Benefits, SSI or SSDI, before it will approve your application. The county offices have CAPI SSI Advocacy Programs that can help you with your SSI application.