Social Security's Ticket To Work Program

Common Pitfalls

Skipping the Ticket Program

Many people miss or ignore the Ticket Program altogether because it adds complexity to their lives. But if you're eligible, and want to start working or increase earnings, you should take the time to evaluate the free services offered by Employment Networks in your area.

Not Sticking to the Plan

Beneficiaries may think that not making timely progress towards education and employment goals while using the Ticket means they will lose eligibility for Employment Network services.

Social Security cannot perform a medical Continuing Disability Review (CDR) to decide if you continue to have a disability when you are using the Ticket to Work Program and progressing towards your employment goal. Social Security will check on this with a Timely Progress Review every 12 months.

Even if you are not making timely progress according to the Social Security’s guidelines, you still are enrolled in the Ticket to Work Program with your selected Employment Network (EN). However, in this case, Social Security can again do a medical CDR until you return to meeting the guidelines.

False Loyalty to the Employment Network

Under the Ticket Program, you are allowed to end your relationship with your Employment Network (EN) at any time and reassign your ticket to another EN, no questions asked. So if things aren't working out with your EN, or if your situation changes and you would benefit more from another type of service, you may consider switching.

Choosing the Wrong Employment Network

Not all Employment Networks (EN) are the same. In fact, part of the strength of the Ticket program is the variety of services offered by ENs. So, it's particularly important to think through your situation carefully and ask: What is the single biggest barrier to fulfilling my employment goals? Then find an EN whose services best address that problem.

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